Morihei Ueshiba, the inventor of Aikido, was born in Tanabe in 1883. After years of study of the classical martial arts develops his fighting form: Aikido. Combining techniques of various martial arts and also incorporating external methods of meditation and philosophical reflections typical of internal martial arts.


Looking for the fusion of mind, body and spirit in the process of fighting. But not only. Aikido can be a true way of life aimed at health, moderation and good behaviour.


Ai  means  "harmony"- "love"
Ki  means  "energy"   - "spirit"
Do means  "the way" - "spiritual journey"


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Aikido, just like Judo, is based on exact techniques performed at the right time, rather than on muscle strength. You can unbalance the opponent, make him joint locks, and utilize in your favour his movement, weight and weaknesses of joints. The importance of technical precision and timing makes of Aikido a martial discipline more difficult and long to become practical for real defense (Even though, the most effective if you reach high technical level).


Weapons: The practice of Aikido bare hands is also integrated by the use of certain weapons. The Bokken, the Tanto, Wakizashi and Jo.


Strengths of Aikido. Is acquired by practice a wide knowledge of the weaknesses of the opponent, both physical and mental. You learn to manage the movements of your body "always in balance" and those of the opponent to utilize in your favour, for example to unbalance. You learn to manage your own body and its relation with the mind, the spirit and the energy of the universe, according to the ancient traditions of the East. You understand the principles that govern the movement, bones, muscles and the joints of the body. At high technical levels is possible to completely immobilize an opponent, with little physical effort, and without causing too much damage.


Weaknesses of Aikido. Aikido is a martial art totally defensive. The techniques are always performed as a reaction to an action of an opponent (action that may be caused by various subterfuges, however). Aikido is therefore basically a way of fighting reaction to an action. Does not include a form of combat sports, neither competitive nor in training, and this of course can lead to technically perfect fighters in training, but with no real experience in a real fight (and the necessary cold blood and timing). To overcome this drawback, as you progress in rank, training turns from static situations in dynamic situations (but always pre agreed and limited in the impact). There are also ways of teaching involving punches and elbow, in order to disturb and provoke a reaction of attack.



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