Bare Knuckle boxing means: boxing bare knuckles (usually hands are covered with bandages). Very ancient form of combat, the Pigmachia in ancient Greece, was a boxing with leather bands on the hands. In the West, bare knuckle boxing precides the modern boxing, actually praticated with gloves.
Becames popolar in england with no limit for rounds number and without weight category. Actually in every countries there are circuits more or less legal, where bareknuckle boxing can be praticated. Often linked to clandestine betting.
There are also circuits of street fighting, which, in addition to fists, include all the other techniques of mma. And no kind of protection.
Was founded in 2013 the first federation of boxing BareKnucle: Bare-knuckle boxing World Association - BKB (with smaller gloves of boxing)

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The technique of bare knuckle boxing is very sophisticated, in spite of what you might think. Speed and accuracy become core elements in a match with bare hands. Each stroke can be fatal, it isn't necessary to use the strongest power for strokes, otherwise you can broke fingers.


Strengths of Bare knuckle Boxing. Surely bare knucke boxing and street fighting are "activities" approaching to a real fight, useful to learn how to really fight, and keep cool blood in real situations. You learn the real perception of danger, and get used to the real pain.


Weaknesses of Bare knuckle Boxing. Obviously athletic training and technique is left to the fighter. Obviously, there is the risk of getting truly hurted (the protective barding are used for this reason !!!)


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