Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world, included in the Olympic program of ancient greece, seems to go back to more than 1500 years BC. Fighting was very bloody. They fought with bare hands, or covered with leather and lead, and there were no weight classes, rounds and the ring. In 1700, England encoded modern rules and boxing is in vogue again.


Three weight categories are established: light, average and maximum. Three minutes rounds, one minute rest. Gloves use is required. In 1900 rounds number is setted to a maximum of 15, and weight categories are setted to 17. Currently are 12 rounds. Boxing is an Olympic sport.


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The modern boxing is a combat sport of the West based on the use of punches, mainly 4. Jeb, is the straight punch with the hand advanced. The direct, the straight punch with the rear hand. The hook, punch circular and horizontal, and the upright, punch rising from the bottom, difficult but deadly. These four simple but effective punches, brought to a perfect technical execution and muscles, make the boxer a dangerous opponent. Perhaps the worst.


The guard is usually right, that is, with the right arm backward and left forward, this to hold the strongest punch ready to strike "seriously". The jeb is to disrupt, in order to cause a leak in the opponent guard to allow a decisive direct. Hooks and uppercuts are more useful in a very short distance, from which it is impossible to use straight strikes.
As all Western fighting sports, physical training and muscles are very important, like physical strenghts. A good tecnique is necessary, as well as rigorous athletic training to reach 12 rounds of fight.


Strengths of Boxing. After a few months to practice always the same four punches and hold up training sessions to a boxing gym. you acquired immediately a good defense / offense capabilities, and good reflexes due to the importance that the sparring plays in a classic boxing workout. Sparring is usually quite free and bloody, compared to the classical martial arts. Well, with boxe you get used immediately to fight (really). Simple strikes, so effective to be replaced to classic strikes of martial arts (almost in the agonistic version with gloves).


Weaknesses of Boxing. The absence of combat with legs, elbows and knees, lack of struggle, projections, articular levers and joint locks represents a limit for boxer compared to other martial arts. If this is not quite true on a ring, it is certainly true in a free fight barehanded. From this weakness of boxing are born Western sports such as full contact fighting, the savate and kick boxing, which integrate the kicks and punches (few) of the classical martial arts.


But boxing also neglects the philosophical side, energy, meditation, unlike the martial arts. Deep forces, difficult to learn, but they can bring a professional fighter at higher levels, instead of the use of pure physical strength.



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