Budo Yoseikan is created by Hiroo Mochizuki, Japanese expert of classical martial arts such as Karate, Judo and Aikido and Kobudo for weapons (Sai nunciaku, bo, Tonfa, Kama, but also Katana). The father (Minoru Mochizuki) was a martial arts master who had been a pupil of the developer of judo (Jigoro Kano) and developer of Aikido (Morihei Ueshiba).
Minoru Mochizuki was teaching different fighting styles in his dojo
Hiroo Mochizuki, after a long experience with his father, he decided to create his own style of combat essential and effective, cleaned up by so many classic elements of form rather than substance. Combining all the techniques learned from the different combat systems.


He moved to France, soon found many followers, thanks to the effectiveness of his style. Since then the Budo Yoseikan has grown continually in the world and generated great champions of martial arts


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(Yoseikan: "place for practising what is right" was the name of the father's dojo)


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The Budo Yoseikan is a complete martial art. Budo is the spirit that characterizes it, the spirit of the ancient warrior. The fighting returns to its origin, that is the necessity to survive in a real fight.


The throwing techniques of Judo, Aikido joint, the blows of karate, weapons of Kobudo, contribute together to create a comprehensive fighting style.
In Budo Yoseikan there are also principles developed by the founding master, such as the wave, or whiplash, the ability to move again according to a pulsation, a wave, which discharges at the right time all its power at the point of impact of the shot . But also great attention to agility, positions and large movements of the legs, to general rules for combat that if learned can be useful in any other martial arts. The combat agonistic is very similar to Sanda, with ground combat. There is also a fight with weapons (reproductions of rubber, with low hazard to have an accident)


The purpose is to create the universal warrior, capable of fighting in every situation.


Strengths of Yoseikan budo. The richness of techniques, useful for all situations, and the use of many weapons, make you ready for any situation can happen. The combat training, with protections, and weapons of rubber, enables you to a real in combat.


Weaknesses of Yoseikan budo. Every day something less.... Bruce Lee said. Too many techniques can create confusion in the answers, when it is time to act. And, especially, to train well a multitude of techniques requires an infinity of time. Refine few shots, effective, it is often better.


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