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The origins of Capoeira are lost at the dawn of African slavery. Apparently it is a form of combat masked by dance, being illegal for slaves to train in combat. Or, simply, the dance is only ritual and festive.
Towards the middle of 1600 appears the first written text of slaveholders that describes this strange ritual - fighting by slaves
(especially those who excaped, and gathered together in villages).

With the liberation of slaves in late 1600 Capoeira becomes a synonym for delinquent gangs, and suffers the problems for the integration of ex former slaves. In 1930 comes out of the shadows and becomes one of the leading Brazilian sports, and it becomes officially the national sport in Brazil in 1974.

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Capoeira differs significantly from traditional martial arts and combat sports, for techniques, and for the training methods (the roda).

The techniques are mainly kicking, but kicks are very different from the classic oriental kicks. The arms are often used as a support, while you hit with your legs.
You must learn to perform difficult stunts, swept and back flips,
which always include parts of your body that affect an opponent (or at least could) All executed with the perfect balance of a dancer.

The athleticism is an integral part of this form of combat, not to everyone. The rules of combat are very variable, depending on the rhythm of the music that accompanies the fight-dance. It 'just the music another difference from other martial arts. The music can not miss, following with its rhythm the running match, and often influencing it, deciding the intensity of the fight and the time duration of each
match. And there are so many possibilities, from simple dance coordinated where you show your skills, aesthetics and gymnastics, until clashes with real blows.
2 are the main schools. Angola, style more related to the ritual dance, with slower movements and close to the ground, and the Regional, developed more in the standing position and targeted to real combat.

A unique feature of capoeira is the continuous motion, as a defense and as a preparation for the attack. The "ginga" (see animation) is useful as it does not offer to the opponent a static target. Thus, for example, you do not defend yourself by blocking the shot, usually, but avoiding it.

Strengths of Capoeira. Certainly, for those who want the widest possible knowledge of fighting techniques, Capoeira offers many stimuli and specific knowledge of strokes that do not exist in the classical martial arts Eastern and Western. Kicks and acrobatics are able to confuse opponents accustomed to all other Eastern and Western styles. Even your own personal dynamics, rhythm in motion, can acquire many new skills. Furthermore, unusual techniques confuse the opponent.
Weaknesses of Capoeira. First of all, you need a good athleticism to practice it, so it is not affordable for everyone, and that is a limit, of course. Another limitation, if not integrated with other martial arts, is the almost total lack of classic hits, levers, projections and all the baggage of fighting techniques that usually we know. Finally it can be even "deviant" for those who practice agonism in some combat sports
For example, place hands on the ground, something classic in Capoeira - for example, to kick - is a foul in many sports such as full contact and chick boxing.
Same Capoeira positions are too low on a ring.
Much also depends on the specific school of capoeira that you frequents, being different from gym to gym.


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