The Greek-Roman Wrestling is the most practiced wrestling in the world, and is an Olympic sport since the first modern Olympics, along with freestyle wrestling.
There are many forms of wrestling in the world, originating from the ancient Greek Roman wrestling, that later evolved into folk wrestling of various nations. Often getting free from the strict rules of the Roman greek wrestling and becomes similar to freestyle wrestling.
Unlike the freestyle wrestling, the greek-Roman wrestling can not be executed knockdown or tipping techniques that include actions on the legs


The greek-Roman wrestling (but also the freestyle wrestling) has two phases: the fight standing and ground fighting. The main objective in the greek-Roman wrestling, both in the fight standing and on the ground, is bringing the opponent to the mat, through projections and knockdowns, making, if possible, both opponent shoulders locked to the ground (pinfall) . If pinfall is executed, victory is assigned, or win the player who has more points.


In early 900th, the matches of greek Roman wrestling were particularly violent and dangerous, body slams, choke holds, and head-butting was allowed. Currently, it is a pretty safe and healthy sport, comparable to the judo and BJJ. Athletic training is critical in a match, being often a real struggle to exhaust the opponent's energy and lower its defenses.


Freestyle wrestling is the most complete style of standup wrestling. Derives from the catch-as-catch-can wrestling (Catch wrestling), and origined in Great Britain and Unated States. Many techniques are borrowed also from judo and sambo. Freestyle wrestling allow the use of the wrestler's or his opponent's legs in offense and defense.


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