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Fantastic online gaming site dedicated to fighting games. All free, immediately playable and amusing. Classic games and new games, all dedicated to combat sports and martial arts. To be a warrior also from your desk!

Anime fighting jam
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Good graphics, choose between some (a little number) characters from manga, and fight.
Backyard boxing
0a_BackyardBoxingSS.jpg (2557 byte)
Fun boxing game, and not only. Hit with various objects. good graphics
Boxing Bonanza
0a_boxingbonanza.jpg (2682 byte)
Great graphics, 3D boxing game, the gameplay is classic, a little boring.
Capoeira fighter 1
0a_12.jpg (2006 byte)
Great graphics, great gameplay, truly a gem among online games. A capoeira very realistic.
Dream club
0a_dreamclub.jpg (2974 byte)
Beautiful girls and martial arts, winning combination! Fun game with good graphics.
Fairly tail
0a_fairytail.jpg (2445 byte)
Good graphics, select your character and fight with the hands, arms. and spells.
0a_gladiators-icon-1.jpg (3022 byte)
Excellent 3D graphics, great gameplay, choose the gladiator and fight in the arena!
0a_Kickboxing.jpg (1938 byte)
The game of kickboxing. Excellent 3D graphics, great and realistic gameplay.
King of fighters 2012
0a_kingoffighters.jpg (3266 byte)
Good clone of King of fighters, good graphics, many game options .... in Japanese!
kung fu panda death match
0a_kung-fu-panda-death-match.jpg (2208 byte)
kung fu panda online game! Good graphics, gameplay limited. Funny.
Marvel tribute
0a_marveltribute.jpg (3012 byte)
Superb graphics and gameplay. Fight choosing from many Marvel characters. A must.
Master of wrestling
0a_masterofwrestling.jpg (2762 byte)
Wrestsling game with excellent 3D graphics, but boring gameplay.
Mortal kombat karnage
0a_mortalkombatkarnage.gif.jpg (2966 byte)
Mortal kombat online, a classic game in a classic version. Few game options.
Muay thai
0a_muay-thai-games-1.jpg (2065 byte)
Good game of muay thai, good graphics, fun to play, definitely worth trying.
Pocket fighting
0a_Pocket-Fighter-Nova_1.jpg (2805 byte)
Great graphics, fun. Arcade style fighting game.
Soccer fight
0a_soccer_fight.jpg (2036 byte)
Fighting game, brawl at the stadium.
Street fighter
0a_streetfighter2.jpg (2770 byte)
Clone of Street Fighter, simple (only 2 characters to choose from). Only two players.
Taste of chaos massacre
0a_taste-of-chaos-massacre.jpg (2262 byte)
Good graphics, good gameplay, crazy fighting game.
The fighters
thefighters.gif (3708 byte)
Great graphics, street fighters clone, too bad for the few characters, but good gameplay.
Warrior quest
0a_warrior-quest.jpg (2342 byte)
Good graphics and gameplay (very fast), fighting game classic.
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