Codification of Hap ki do has been done by the master Yong Shul Choi, however the history of this art owes much to the classic Korean martial arts.
The Hap ki do must not be confused with Aikido, however the name is the simple transliteration of the Japanese word in Korean. And many techniques are derived from it.


But Hap ki do is much more than Aikido. In addition to incorporating the typical techniques of Aikido and principles such as the "circular motion", the Hap ki do brings together many other martial arts in itself, and stands as one of the most comprehensive systems of real combat. There are the main techniques of judo, karate Korean and Japanese, and spectacular kicks of Taekwondo. And the weapon of Kobudo and aikido.

Hap  means "harmony"   - "love"
Ki     means "energy"      - "spirit"
Do    means "the way"    - "spiritual journey"

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The Hap ki do, we have already said, is a combat system really complete. You can start from a classic fighting - kicking and punching - to get to projections, joint locks, levers, sweeps and takedowns, typical of Judo and Aikido, until a ground fighting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style. You can do a joint locks, but end it with a knee, or perform a flying kick Taekwondo, from long distance. Boxing and Chinese boxing style Wing Chun. And weapons.
Combat is really seen at 360°, without limit pre imposed. Is a martial art that prepares for a real fight, but it is not suitable for athletic competition. Although, as in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, practitioners of Hap ki do have the skills to compete in most martial disciplines.


Due to the high technical level of this art, physical strenghs becomes secondary, compared with the technique (and the timing, of course).


Weapons: Following always the principles of practical utility, there are also weapons in Hap ki do. knife, sword, rope, nunchaku, cane, short stick, and middle-length staff (joong bong, gun, bo)


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