The Hwa Rang Do is born from a more ancient Korean martial art, dating back before Christ. It was the fighting art of Hwarang warriors, fearsome knights. The aristocracy Korean fighters.
Various vicissitudes forced the practitioners of this art to centuries of study and training hid, having become illegal, and mainly practiced by the monks of Confucianism. In 1940 the monk Suahm Dosa, depositary of the title of the 57th generation Hwarang, taught Joo Bang Lee and his brother (4 and 5 year old) for over 30 years the arts of the knights Hwarang. Finally, appointing Joo Bang Lee with the title of the 58th generation Hwarang. Which ran to patenting the copyright and officially became the only legally authorized to use and pass on the ancient title.
But the troubles are not over. The master Suahm Dosa does not want Joo Bang Lee teach publicly the Hwarang's techniques (too dangerous, in his opinion). So Joo Bang Lee creates together with two other teachers (YuSool and YongSul Choi)the Hap ki do. Another 8 years of hardships, then Joo Bang Lee gets permission to teach the ancient arts Hwarang under the name of Hwa Rang Do, and breaks away completely from Hap ki do.


Finally in 1990 the Master develops the Tae Soo Do (also with its copyright), a simplified method for beginners and introduction to real Hwa Rang Do.


Hwarang   means  "young man"
Rangdo     means  "youth group"


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Hwa Rang Do is very similar to Hap ki do, at least for completeness. There are no shots or techniques neglected in this art. By twisting a finger, up to 300 different kicks. From wrestling, until the Aikido, the pressure points, and breaking techniques, joint locks, and much more. Definitely a complete art. Integrated with the use of weapons and combat against multiple opponents. By philosophy and a high level of internal martial art. There are, for example, 5 types of ki: make the body lightweight, do heavy body, make the body of the iron, making the body of the stone and the increase of awareness.
Finally, there are the techniques of healing.


There is also a version "for the novices" of this martial art: Tae Soo Do, which serves to introduce degrees to the complexity of the Hwa Rang Do.


Weapons: knife, sword, rope, nunchaku, cane, short stick, and middle-length staff


Strengths of Hwa Rang Do. A martial artist that chooses the HRD does not regret having chosen an art, or other, thanks to the amount of techniques and principles related to fighting at various levels Nothing is overlooked. From simple sport, martial art becomes again a life mission.


Weaknesses of Hwa Rang Do. Every day something less.... Bruce Lee said. Too many techniques can create confusion in the answers, when it is time to act. And, especially, to train well a multitude of techniques requires a lot of time. Best it is to refine few effective shots.


Probably, depends on how much time you're willing to invest in the practice of a martial art. As a sport to be practiced two or three times a week or as a way of life.


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