Jogoro Kano is the creator of Judo, in 1882. It is closely related to his personal history. Intelligent and enterprising, the young Kano was not strong physically, then he tried to bulk up with various sports, arriving finally to combat sports with Ju Jitsu.
Since then, he drew a method that elaborated on underdeveloped elements of Ju Jitsu, as projections and ground combat. But developed also his own philosophy of life, which is found fully represented in Judo. Philosophy of "softness, not resistance" to the life strikes.


The new method of Kano overcames many problems and spread so much in the world, becoming an Olympic sport and part of the studies of the Japanese school. And 'now one of the most popular martial arts in the world.


Judo means "gentle way"


Kodokan Goshin Jutsu (Kodokan skills of self-defence) is a set of prearranged self-defence forms in Judo. Created by a committee of twentyfive teachers of the Kodokan in 1956, for the Japanese police. It includes: unarmed attack, attack with a dagger, with a stick, and with a gun.

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Judo is based on precise technique and execution at the right time, rather than on the strength of the muscles. The projection of the opponent remains the basis of this art. With a technique softer than in Ju Jitsu, but also more elaborate and refined. In fact, in Judo projections are always performed by accompanying the opponent to the ground, also holding his jacket, to soften the impact to the opponent (and maintain control).


If properly applied, the Judo really allows people less robust to lift and throw people stronger. This for a simple principle of levers and forces that are applied intelligently during battles.
The fight, even when it becomes furious, it's never "too dangerous" since there are no shots. So you can train for athletic competition without too much risk.


Strengths of Judo. Judo teaches better than any other martial art the projections, and control of the opponent during the grappling. Only by practicing this discipline seriously, projections and imbalances of your opponent can become mechanical actions in combat, not based on brute force, but on the right lever mechanisms.


Weaknesses of Judo. Judo, if not integrated by the other martial arts that consider punches, kickes, elbows and knees, is a martial art with limits, if we consider the fight as a real defensive-offensive capabilities.



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