Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art, born from the merger of karate, judo / juitsu, kenpo and boxing. To which is later added the Wushu. Is created in Hawaii (Oahu) during World War II, as a self-defense system against criminals. There are five creators of this art. Adriano Directo Emperado: Kenpo (Kosho Ryu) and Eskrima. Joseph Holck: Judo and Danzan Ryu Jujutsu. Peter Young Yil Choo: Tang Soo Do Korean Karate and Boxing. Frank F. Ordonez: Danzan Ryu Jujutsu. Clarence Chang: Sil-Lum Pai Kung Fu.


The first school outside Hawaii was founded in 1958 by master Aleju Reyes, in california, where he gives lessons to the air army members of the United States of America. In the sixties are born different styles and schools in America, including that one of Tony Ramos, who trained with Bruce Lee, and they exchanged techniques of their styles.


The Kajukenbo is not very widespread in the world, and its spread is entrusted to the personal initiative of individual teachers, for this you can find schools that despite having a common basis then develop specific techniques depending on the school.

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The Kajukenbo is a martial art constantly evolving, ready to appropriate of any other useful technique to combat, especially aimed at self-defense, while having some competitive elements.
Furthermore, the different schools take different elements from the large catalogue of techniques offered by the styles of which it is a fusion, then specializing on different elements between them. Some schools on the shots, others on the levers or projections.
Common element is the lack of spectacular techniques, in favor of simple and effective techniques, exactly targeted to a real self-defense, even against multiple assailants,or armed with knife and stick. The kajukenbo is mainly characterized from the technical sequences intended to put "out of order" the opponent, or to eliminate it.


There are also forms 26,:13 Pinyans and 13 Concentrations.



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