The Kalaripayattu is probably the most ancient martial art, and probably derived from other Asian fighting styles. Born in Kerala, a province of India, and probably dates from the sixth century AD.
Flanked by Yoga represented the art of warriors in India. But it was
also a method of health and healing, useful to strengthen, and finally a type of dance. The element of dance is today very developed.


The Kalaripayat according to legend-story was brought to China by a legendary monk: Bodhidharma. Who also introduced Buddhism in China.
Bodhidharma taught the monks of the Shaolin monastery a gymnastic and fighting method act to strengthen them and circulate the energy in their bodies. It seems that the Shaolin monks were at that time rather weak to endure a long period of meditation. Excited about this art the monks worked out more and more, developing Kung Fu.


Practiced initially by Chekavars (ezhavas) through schools known as Kalari, meeting places for the acquisition of knowledge (mathematics, language, astronomy and various theatrical arts)


Kalaripayattu underwent a period of decline when Velu Thampi Dalawa terminated chekavar ezhava warriors in the 1800s.
The resurgence of public interest in kalaripayattu began in the 1920s in Tellicherry by Ezhava Kalari trainers, as part of a rediscovery wave of the traditional indian arts.

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The Kalaripayat is a martial art inspired by the movement of animals. The practice aims to make stronger physically, and meanwhile learns useful techniques to defense and attack. As well as learns to manage and coordinate your body. As in the internal martial arts, it is difficult to separate the techniques "Useful" to fight from movements useful to strengthen, stimulates the circulation of blood and energy, to give balance and stability.


Actually, the Kalaripayat is a little too archaic, at least for a real fight or agonistic practice, remains instead interesting as gymnastic for the body and mind, and as a dance. Is sometimes joined to Yoga.


Weapons: Sticks of various lengths and swords, shields, daggers and maces (See image). And the fearsome swords flexible: Urumi.



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