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The Kali is a Filipino martial art. Its origins are distant and uncertain. We know that a fighting art was taught at the various villages Filipinos, with different styles.
And various were the names of this art, over time. Escrima, Arins, FMA, are other names for the Filipino fighting art. Art that
did not develop into gyms and sporting purposes, but was practiced directly for the defense of the Philippines by the many invaders who presented themselves for centuries. Eastern and Western. Therefore, the use of weapons is an essential element.
It is a combat system very practical and real, which was hidden to foreigners, or camouflaged as dance until the early 900. And meanwhile has developed introducing new mechanics and weapons.

In the 1920s the master Venancio Bacon Ancion opened the first public school, effectively transforming the kali from a secret method of fighting, for warriors Filipinos, in a modern martial art. In the West, was the master Dan Inosanto to codify the many styles in a general system of Kali, and to spread it. (Dan Inosanto is also the developer of JKD concepts)
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The Philippines suffered several invasions: Magellan, the Spanish, the Japanese, the Americans. Against each invader they refined their art of combat, effective even though the military and technological superiority of the enemy. From each invader also they learned fighting techniques that integrated in their art (for example, fencing by the Spanish).

The weapons are the basis of this art. Developed for the warriors and the street fighting, both real forms of combat, which did not allow frills. So, another prerogative of the Kali is its effectiveness. The use of weapons, and the defense with bare hands from opponents with weapons are the core of this art. Combat is fully contemplated, from the fight at distance, with strokes or weapons, to close combat and ground fighting.
The Kali is often associated to the Jeet Kune Do and street fighting, and has been adopted by many special forces as self defense.
Many Filipino systems focus on defending against and/or reacting to angles of attack rather than particular strikes, whatever weapons uses the attacker: barefists, a knife, a sword or a spear, or others.

The empty-hand combat is called: mano mano (also known as suntukan or panununtukan or Cadena de Mano). It includes kicking, punching, locking, throwing and grappling (dumog)

Weapons: Stick, double stick, medium and long, sword and dagger (or stick and knife) knife, double knife, and chains.


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Collection of wallpapers easily downloadable, and many other images and clip art dedicated to Kali - escrima. For real fans.



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Gaming section dedicated to fighting games. All free, immediately playable or downlodables. Online games, PC games, android phone games. To be a warrior also from your desk!


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