Karate has its origins in Okinawa, and is the melting and processing of local and Chinese styles. In 1400 a law prohibits to carry weapons, giving great development to the art of fighting with bare hands.
Practiced by the nobles as a sign of their social class, and by the people, secretly. So there are different styles, depending on the school and the social class of practitioners. The Okinawa-te in early 1900 is introduced in Japanese schools as a official school subject, and successively called Karate. Thanks to Master Gichin Funakoshi, founder of famous Shotokan style. And this is the name by which it spreads around the world.


The World Karate Federation recognizes these styles: Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Go-ju-ryu, Wado-ryu.

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Karate is a full martial art, that focused on the effectiveness of the techniques. The Kata, basic and with no frills, make you understand how a karate fighter fights. Straight shots, fast, that cover trajectories direct and essential, are the special feature of this art. And together they represent the qualities and defects of a karateca. The determination, accuracy, and speed of a karate fighter, from the middle and long distance can be devastating.


However, the mental elasticity, the capacity of shock absorption, and more, are not part of this philosophy, (parries, for example, are dry and hard, not only to absorb the shot with the less damage as possible, but just to hurt the opponent). The karate fighter hits with full force, also expressed by abdominal Ki, sure to win. This is the strength but also a weakness that can be exploited, not offering direct confrontation and making a lot of noise (close combat, boxing fight or thai or mma). Basically Karate and Kung Fu have approximately the same techniques, made in very different ways.


Weapons: Karate practice with bare hands is also integrated by the use of weapons of Kobudo.



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