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The history of Kendo derives from the history of the ancient schools of sword, created by the Samurai (experts in the Ken Jitsu) to train the army, picked up among the people, with no notions of sword fighting. Kendo is therefore an ancient art of war fighting. To be precise, the war with Katana, the deadly Japanese sword.
After end of the great wars in Japan the importance of the samurai ends, because the samurai is not anymore useful as warrior and as policeman (having now japan urbanized and modernized) the art of sword loses importance. In 1700 it turns in modern Kendo, with the introduction of the light harness and the transition from Katana to the Shinai, allowing a contact fighting real but without particular risks.
The sword becomes ever more a strong element of national culture. This for the contents strongly spiritual and meditative, almost religious, which helps to form the character and spirit of Japanese society. Kendo becomes a lifestyle, a philosophy (Buddhism and ZEN), which is expressed in the use of the sword, not to hurt people in a real aggression, but aimed to educate the body, mind and spirit. Kendo can be considereted as internal as external martial art.
Today, it is widespread in many countries of the world, thanks to the agonistic version, but remains in Japan a way to educate the ruling class.
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Il Kenjitsu è l'arte della spada degli antichi guerrieri e Samurai. L'uso della spada risale a tempi antichi, ma non era così usata e importante come vuole la leggenda, per i guerrieri aristocratici del passato nipponico, che invece in battaglia preferivano combattere con l'arco e la lancia, l'armatura pesante, e combattere a cavallo.
Fu invece usata dai monaci per difendersi, e in battaglia dalla semplice fanteria. L'esplosione dell'uso della spada, e la nascita delle tecniche moderne di combattimento si ha nel 1600, con la casta dei Samurai, tutti armati di spada per legge, e senza armatura. Da allora che la spada, e le tecniche di maneggio spada, diventano fondamentali alla sopravvivenza del Samurai (assieme sempre all'uso della lancia e arco). During that time, are formed the current fighting techniques, no longer targeted to overwhelm an opponent in armor.
The Kenjitsu is practiced with the Katana or the Bokken (wooden sword).
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Iaido started in the mid-1500's. Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu (1542 - 1621) is generally acknowledged as the developer of Iaido. In 1932 DNBK officially approved and recognized as Japanese discipline the iaido. The All Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR) was founded in 1948, .

Iaido is associated to the fluid and smooth controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard or saya. Then striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and finally replacing the sword in the scabbard.
Iaido is performed solo, as an issue of kata, executing changed strategies against single or various fanciful rivals. The metaphysical aspects in iaido have been influenced by several philosophical and religious directions (Confucianism, Zen, Taoism, bushido)

In correlation with shinai Kendo, Iaido focus on preparing to create right developments. Iaido can serve to enhance and keep up specialized virtue in shinai Kendo.
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Collection of videos dedicated to Kendo. Many hours of video lessons, documentary, examples, public demonstrations, match, and explanations of teachers.
Kendo Tutorials
Collection of videos dedicated to the Kendo - Kenjtsu - Iaido techniques, lessons and tutorials.
Kendo Documentaries
Collection of videos dedicated to the Kendo - Kenjtsu - Iaido Documentaries.
All japan Kendo championships
Collection of videos dedicated to "all japan kendo" matches and championships. Only fights!
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Collection of videos dedicated to Kenjtsu, the art of the samurai. Many hours of video.
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Collection of videos dedicated to Iaido. Many hours of video lessons, examples, public demonstrations, match, and explanations of teachers.


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