The Kick boxing is a sport of recent invention. Originated from the martial arts and Western boxing, and was born with the name of full contact karate.
With the spread of martial arts in the 60's it was decided to make the matches more spectacular and effective. Are introduced protections for the legs, Gloves of Boxing (and style of punches), and designed a form of martial combat more agonistic then karate. The full contact Karate, which was later named Kick Boxing, and breakes away from the traditional Karate.
The first match was played in 1974, thanks to the promotional work of Joe Louis and Mike Anderson, and thanks to the WAKO, the foundation of the world federation.


Over the years, are developed different kinds of Kick Boxing, which differ in how much force can be unleashed with the shots, and for some technical differences, such as the presence or absence of the deadly low kick. There is a "semi-contact" a "light contact" and a "full contact" Kick Boxing.
All the classical martial arts took example from Kick boxing, and transformed their fighting competitions to resemble a to kickboxing, using, for example, gloves and shin pads, and boxing, as punch techniques.

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Kick Boxing is the most westerly of the fighting arts (though born from the karate). is very important the physical quality of the athletes, the strength, the resistance. The shots are not too refined, but effective and practical, even with the trappings of protection, which weaken the impacts. For example, the kicks are performed usually with your back leg, at least in full contact, to produce maximum power in the shot. No interest is left to forms, Kata, various weapons, projections and levers, and other elements of internal martial art, as the chi (ki).
This can be considered a virtue or a defect, depending on how you consider the fight. If you are looking for realism without frills, and ability to fight effectively after a few months of practice, you will find it easely in this sport, basic and practical. Those who see in martial arts also a spiritual path, Healthy and philosophical, will be disappointed by this western sport. One thing is certain: practicing kickboxing full contact you soon learn to strike effectively, and especially to withstand the blows of the opponent. The timings of combat are learned automatically, being the sparring the basic training. Breath, abdominal and muscle, can not be ignored.


A defect of the practitioners of kick boxing is, often, the lack of real defense against the projections and imbalances. Often, it is all too easy to bring to the ground a kcick boxer, and move the fighting into an element that does not compete him (ground fighting).


Semi-contact The semi contact is a version of Kick boxing that remains closer to matches of Karate. The shots can not be dubbed at the same target, it is therefore important the timing mainly, to "touch" the opponent to a target (and not to be touched before). The shots are not to be performed strongly (penalty, disqualification). Every shot that gets to the target, fight is stopped (as in katrate)


Light-contact Light contact fighting is not stopped when a shot reaches the target, and the shots are not limited in the number to the same target, but the fighting requires that shots are not performed too strongly, or you receive a penalty. This sport requires physical qualities and some control of the round.


Full-contact The version of Kick boxing "harder". In full contact combat is real as in a match of Boxing, and Ko is allowed and tried. The shots are free, and you look for power, more than great technical finesse. The shots are looking more to force the opponent's guard, rather than elude it. The knockout is always lurking.


Adding the use of the knees to kick boxing you get the K1




The K-1 is a regulation, and a fighting tournament, created in Japan for the title of the best fighter in the world.
The aim is to fight each other athletes of Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, Savate, Kickboxing and Boxing, on a ring, with common regulations that does not penalize anyone.
In a few years, in Japan, has established itself as one of the most followed sport of combat, and also in the West is depopulating with tournaments called Oktagon. After various selections in the world, the last 8 winners entering the finals of the K-1 World GP (MAX) in the stadium of the city of Tokyo in Japan, during the new year's eve. (K1 events in the world)


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The techniques allowed in K1 are the common techniques of classic kick in martial arts and combat sports, with the target from the legs (low kick), up to the torso (middle kick) and face (high kick). Are also possible the knees, certainly not a detail, being a hit dangerous if performed by professionals (especially dangerous for boxers, which tend to lower the bust, for example to avoid the hooks).
Also, you can strike with the back of the fist. You can not grab and hit as in Thai, for example with the clinch (not even when you bring techniques with knees). But you have to leave the opponent when you throw a stroke. No grappling, or projection permitted.


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