Azuma, a champion of full contact karate kyokushin, founded the Daido juku, in Japan (which debuted in 1981, in Hokutoki Karate Championship). Initially known as Karate Daidojuku, in 2001 changed its name to kudo, to distinguish itself from karate, and get into mma sports.
It spreads rapidly around the world, thanks to its completeness, and it's form suitable for athletic competition.


Athletes wearing a Kudo Gi, ideal for grappling techniques and projection. are also required a full jockstrap, a mouth guard, gloves of the KIF (which leave free and discoveries fingers to allow the grappling), and a protective helmet KIF with visor of Plexiglas.

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Kudos is a modern martial art, targeted for competition. Combines techniques of judo and karate, initially. Is enhanced, in the 90s, whit techniques drawn from martial arts such as boxing, muay thai, jujitsu, wrestling.


The kudo is a fighting style realistic and versatile, using punches to the head, elbows, heads, projections and joint locks from Judo, and ground fighting techniques. The many protections, make it a quite safe sport, despite of the wide variety of possible shots. This mix makes it a combat sport really interesting and full (effective), without incurring too many physical risks.



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