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Sambo is a fighting art created in the Soviet Union. It was created in 1923 for the secret police and the army, developing different styles of fighting, until it becames an official discipline in 1935, under the names of Sambo. Sees the first championships played in 1947. A bit of all fighting arts eastern and western gave some
technique to Sambo.

In recent years, was also widespread among the Russian people,
losing the veil of secrecy and mystery that surrounded her. Is currently practiced by many Russians.
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Inside the Sambo converge all the techniques of other fighting arts. At least, the techniques considered to be effective. Sambo has a version "real" and an agonistic one. The real version, with bare hands, is particularly bloody and essential. Includes techniques ranging from the blows, to projections, until the joint locks.
There are also specific techniques, such as defense by more people, techniques for police and psychiatric doctors, technical protection of third persons, and much more. Valued elements are such as the environment in which it takes place the battle, for example, indoors or outdoors, and any objects potentially useful as weapons. It is, therefore, another of those methods recommended for bodyguards and security forces, such as Krav Maga.

There are two agonistic versions. A version that includes only the grappling (combat sambo), and another that includes all techniques (strikes and grappling)


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Collection of videos dedicated to Sambo. Many hours of matches, video lessons, examples, public demonstrations and explanations of teachers.
Sambo Tutorials
Collection of videos dedicated to Sambo techniques, lessons and tutorials.
Sambo full shows & matches
Collection of videos dedicated to the Sambo full events, championship and matches. Only the fights!


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Collection of wallpapers easily downloadable, and many other images and clip art dedicated to Sambo. For real fans.





Android Free Apps (APK) dedicated to the Sambo. To learn also from the mobile phone. Tutorials, exercises, techniques, media, games, curiosity.

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Gaming section dedicated to fighting games. All free, immediately playable or downlodables. Online games, PC games, android phone games. To be a warrior also from your desk!


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