The sanda (Sanshou), or Chinese boxing, is an art of combat directly derived from Kung Fu, in a more athletic and sporty version. At the beginning of the century was an art widely practiced in China, and extremely violent, without protections or banned strokes. In the 80s, a version of Sanda agonistic has been formalized by the Republic of China, studied for a real fight, but not too bloody. This determines a fast spreading of sanda in the world, hoping that it will become an Olympic sport.


It is also practiced by the Chinese army, as close combat training.

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The matches of Sanda are practiced with protections, such as those of Taekwondo and Nippon Kempo. In Sanda, as well as punching and kicking, you can throw the opponent (punches and kicks, with wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, kick catches).
But you can not fight on the ground, nor do joint locks and chokes. There are two types of competition, defined by the intensity that you can give to blows: the semi Sanda, where you can not dub strokes at the same target, and hit with too much intensity, and Sanda, real, full contact. This mixture between rules and freedom creates an interesting fight, real enough, but limited in the dangerousness: especially, the chance to fight close combat reduces strokes.


As strengths, certainly, the ability acquired to make projections, grab legs, land the opponent. Especially, the kicker must be very careful to fight with a practitioner of sanda. The absence, however, of a practice to knees (banned, usually, in sanda) makes very dangerous taking legs if you fight with a thai boxer, or K1.



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