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Savate is a Western martial art, more precisely French, (by this, the name of the French Boxing). The influences on the use of kicks remain oriental, probably due to the experiences of the French sailors in the East. The Boxing punches instead come from the classic English boxing.

Initially practiced by the underworld and gamblers, at the beginning of 800 is encoded by Michel Cassoux, and, successively, by his student Charles Lecour, who understood the effectiveness of British boxing and assimilated in Savate.
From the underworld, the Savate spreads also in aristocracy, refining techniques and giving elegance to combat.
The Savate has not had the development that perhaps deserves, and remains an art subordinate to Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing.

Savate means "slipper"

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The technique of Savate is very similar to most modern kickboxing, or better, to full contact. The main difference is in the use of a special shoe, and you can hit only with that part of the foot. With the foot, in short, but not shin or knee. For the rest, the whole body is the target and the fight is in full contact.
The training is quite particular in Savate. Tends to confer lightness, elegance, strength and speed. The fighters of Savate distingued themselves usually for the elegance and balance of the movements, the refined fencing, boxing being highly regarded, the continuous hopping.
Athleticism, strength, the physical skills are essential.
You can consider the Savate a full contact combat sport, but not as aggressive as the Thai boxing or K1 kickboxing. No close combat or grappling, as for Chinese boxing or MMA sports.
It is very similar to kickboxing, but more refined.
Weapons: The walking stick, the traditional system of French stick fighting using the gentlemen’s walking stick (cane) is called “La canne". The double stick fight. The French two hands long stick (which derives its skills from the two hands sword). The knife. Le canne video - Le canne images - Le canne history.


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Collection of videos dedicated to Savate. Many hours of video lessons, documentaries, examples, public demonstrations and explanations of teachers.
Savate Tutorials
Collection of videos dedicated to the Savate techniques, lessons and tutorials.
Savate Documentaries
Collection of videos dedicated to the Savate Documentaries.
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Savate championship / Élite matches
Collection of spectacular video dedicated to the Savate championship and Elite savate matches, full show. Only fights.


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Collection of wallpapers easily downloadable, and many other images and clip art dedicated to Savate. For real fans.

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Gaming section dedicated to fighting games. All free, immediately playable or downlodables. Online games, PC games, android phone games. To be a warrior also from your desk!


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