Self-defense is nothing more than a set of techniques borrowed from martial arts to defend yourself if attacked in normal life, on the street, at work, in your home, in public places, and also, for military techniques, police, bodyguards, private vigilantes. The most effective techniques, practices, which do not require special physical preparation, are obviously the best, selected by instructors and self defense classes, through time, from multiple martial arts available in the world.

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The techniques that include self-defense have as main feature the effectiveness. Important is the simplicity, and not to require special physical skills. Of course, the psychological element is essential, so we recommend to combine the learning of techniques of self-defense to the practice, under the stress of a physical assault similar to the real one, much sparring, with protections to protect against accidents, but similar to real fighting.


Self-defense can be with bare hands, by attackers with bare hands or with various weapons, or self-defense with special weapons, practices to be brought with you (for example the tactical pen, simple object to take with you, deadly when used with technical expertise)


Self-defense ranges from the simplest techniques for women's self-defense from aggression and anti rape, to something more complex techniques for military, police, bodyguards, private vigilantes.


Martial arts courses to integrate the preparation with physical training and sparring are recommended. The main martial arts "modern" from which it derives the self-defense techniques are: krav maga, Systema and Sambo. The classic: Tai chi, Wing chun, Judo, Ju jitsu, karate, kung fu, Silat, Kali.

Strengths of Self defence. To attend a course of self defense, or study a video tutorial, offers the opportunity to learn quickly a few useful techniques and practices, avoiding long lead times of a martial art. In a short time we have the technical knowledge to react in the most common situation of aggression.

Weaknesses of Self defence. To learn the techniques without learning to practice them in a situation of tension, it's not work. As the psychological reaction is the first real problem, in case you are physically assaulted. Obviously it is therefore useful to attend martial arts classes where you practice sparring, or a self-defense course where you put into practice in situations similar to reality as physical violence the techniques learned, basically in the situation of sparring. There are many types of protections and harnesses to make the fight without risk, or nearly so.


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