The Shuai jiao is a Chinese martial art, probably the oldest. Although part of the broad category of kung fu, has original features that make it an art apart, more like the Mongolian wrestling. It was born with the name Jiao li, like wrestling style (sweeps, throws, joint locks), to which are added successively the kicks and punches. It is part of the training of the army from the Zhou Dynasty (between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries), and becames a public sport in the Qin Dynasty (221-207 A.D.) with frequent public matches to select the best fighters.


The term "shuai jiao" was chosen by the Central Guoshu Academy of Nanjing in 1928, When Also the competition rules were standardized.


Today is a very popular martial art in China, considered useful for strengthening the body and learn how to fight, but without violence, with great respect for the opponent.


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The Shuai jiao is a martial art characterized by low violence. You can bring the blows, punches and kicks, but the force placed in the shot should be moderate, not full contact. They are mostly shots to distract, to open the way for projections. The wrestling is the true queen of this art: sweeps, throws and joint locks. A fight based on speed and perfect technique, rather than the use of force.


This union of refined techniques and little violent and dangerous competition make it a very attractive sport for those who want a competitive sport that strengthens, teaches to fight, but without the risk of getting hurt, and especially great for people who do not like the violent competition (typical in many other martial arts)
Once the matches of Shuai Jiao took place on a raised platform, from which you could be thrown out, now take place usually on circular platforms, not raised.


is a martial art with techniques and principles effective and originals for what concerns the wrestling, can add a lot to a fighter of MMA, or bjj or judo. Obviously, it is to integrate with martial arts more focused on shots.


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