Pencak Silat is an Indonesian-Malay martial art, of which there are traces since the sixteenth century AD. This martial art has always developed clandestinely, and does not like advertising, or agonistic versions. It is a fighting art, real and essential, created on the battlefields and in the streets.


Currently there are over 200 different styles of this art, which differ a lot from one to another. It remains difficult to find masters of the "old style" where the targets are mainly the weak points and usually prohibited from martial arts competitions.
At the moment, this art is very developed in the Indonesian area.

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Silat is a particular martial art, which is detached from the classical martial arts for some strategic principles. Are analyzed, in this art, movements extremely collected of the body (famous is the uncomfortable position of Cobra) to be defined almost "seated". Strategy to gather strength like a spring.
Combat is often considered against multiple assailants, therefore, in addition to land an opponent it is important to keep immediately harmless him.
The ground fighting is fierce, beating the joints of the opponent landed is a classic of this art. The weaknesses as throat, genitals and eyes are the main points of direct strokes.
There are principles like "stick" to the opponent, to prevent the actions of attack, or bombard the enemy of light strokes, chained, to dampen the security and aggressiveness.
Very important are the unbalancing of the opponent, the advantage of opposing forces, the study of balance and how to breach it with precise strategies.


Silat is a complete system to eliminate the opponent, which leaves no room for any choreography or aesthetic pleasure.
There are also forms to learn this art in a mechanical way, but the practice of the fight remains the basis of this art of real combat.


Noteworthy is the karambit (see image). The deadly knife. The deadliest weapon of all, at a very short distance.


Weapons: The karambit, the machete, the kris, the katana, the saber dao, tee check (sai), and many others.



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