The first examples of stretching exercises date back to 10.000 years ago, and are part of the first transcriptions of yoga. The archeological evidence of yoga practices go back to about 2000 BC in the Indes Valley, when excavation discovered seals depicting
human figures in the lotus position. Greek and Roman use stretching, to make better and stronger their soldiers and for their sports athletes. Yoga developed during the whole history of man, linked to medical practices, religious, sporting, military, philosophically. In 1887, Sweden was the first country to certify Physical Therapists. In 1885, Daniel David Palmer invented the chiropractor system. Joseph Pilates, in the early 20th century, invented the Pilates. Stretching plays, of course, great importance in the preparation of an athlete in martial arts and combat sports.


Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon (or muscle group) is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle's felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone.


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Ankle stretches
Ankle band - Ankle rotation - Foot flexingOther exercises and tutorials

Back stretches
Bow pose - Bridge pose - Camel pose - Cat pose - Cat Cow pose - Child’s pose - Cobra pose - Downward facing dog - Knee to chest - Kneeling back rotation - Kneeling thoracic spine rotation - Mid Back Rhomboid - Plow pose - Seated twist pose - Side lying thoracic rotations - Spinal twist - Toe touches - Upward facing dog - Wheel pose - BACK ROUTINES EXERCISES

Biceps stretch exercises

Calf stretches
Runner’s Calf - Soleus & Gastrocnemius - Achilles tendon - Sitting toe touches - Towel foot - Dynamic Calf - Other exercises and tutorials

Chest stretches
Doorway Chest - Reverse shoulder - Foam Roll pec - Dynamic Chest - Dynamic Chest stretch with stick - Back / chest - Other tutorials

Diaphragm stretches
Diaphragm stretch exercises - Help breathing stretch

Dorsal stretch exercises

Face stretches
Jaw - Face stretch exercises

Foot stretch exercises

Forearm / Elbow / Wrist stretches
Carpal Tunnel - Kneeling Wrist - Prayer pose - Tennis Elbow - Wrist circles - Wrist extensor / flexor - Other tutorials (Forearm & Wrist)

Glute / Piriformis stretches
Single knee to chest - Lying down Piriformis - Piriformis stretch - Dynamic Toy Soldier - Foam roller Glute - Other tutorials (Glute & Piriformis)

Groin / Hips stretches
Butterfly pose - Garland pose - Half Saddle pose - Low lunge pose - High lunge pose - Kneeling Hip flexor - Lizard pose - Lotus pose - Pigeon pose - Seated Straddle - Side lying Groin - Split pose - Squat pose - Triangle Pose - Warrior pose - Standing IT Band / iliotibial - Lying IT Band / iliotibial - Dynamic Hip - Foam Roller IT Band - Other tutorials (Groin & Hips)

Hamstring stretches
Heron pose - Hurdle pose - Pyramid pose - Leg Swings (front & side) - Stretch Kick - Reclining Big Toe Pose - Standing Hamstring - Standing crossed leg Hamstring - Standing Big Toe Pose - Seated forward bend - Seated one leg Hamstring - Other tutorials

Hand / finger stretches
Thumb - Finger Stretches for Carpal Tunnel - Dupuytren’s Contracture - Finger stretch for guitar - Other tutorials (Hand and Finger)

Knee stretch exercises

Neck stretches
Fish pose - Hands on head Neck stretch - Neck Rolls - Dorsal Glide Chin Tuck - Scalenus muscles - Levator Scapulae - Other exercises and tutorials

Oblique / Side stretches
Half Moon pose - Lying knee twist - Standing dynamic Side - Windmills - Other tutorials (Obliques & Side)

Quadriceps stretches
Standing Quad - Prone Quad - Other tutorials

Shoulder stretches
Arm circles - Crossover arm - Happy Puppy pose - Reverse shoulder - Rotator Cuff - Rotator Cuff stretch (stick) - Shoulder Shrug - Sleeper pose - Shoulder wall - Other tutorials

Triceps stretches
Standing Triceps - Other tutorials

Prenatal stretch exercises

Fix Posture
Sitting fix posture - Standing fix posture - Walking fix posture

Fitness stretching routines archivie

Yoga stretching routines archivie



Android Free Apps (APK) dedicated to the stretching. To learn also from the mobile phone. Tutorials, exercises, techniques, media, games, curiosity.


Android Free Apps (APK) dedicated to the yoga. To learn also from the mobile phone. Tutorials, exercises, techniques, media, games, curiosity.