Sumo is Japan's national sport.
The art of the Sumo wrestling is lost in legend, it appears to develop from ancient Shinto religious rituals to the sixth century. The first matches (only between men) date back in those days, and they includes also fist techniques, and kicks.


Through alternating periods of success and misfortune, it returns popular in Japan in 1884 when the Meiji Emperor organizes a sumo tournament, and the popularity of sumo grows with national pride. In 1889 is born the Tokyo Sumo Association.

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Sumo is a full contact wrestling sport where two challengers face off in order to land or oust the opponent from the fighting area called dojo. It is not a fighting art for everyone. Weight and stability represent the main qualities.


The fighting takes place in 4 minutes, only one round, no weight category. The loser was brought down, comes out from the platform of fighting, or just touches the floor with any part of the body (also, the hair) except for the feet.



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