The Korean fighting arts have more than 2000 years, and date back to the Hwarang warriors, who practiced the art of Tae Kyon / Subak. From here, and from successive influences of Chinese arts, derives modern Tae Kwon Do.
First split in many different schools, in 1955, General Choi Hong Hi unifies the rules and techniques, first under the name of Tae Soo Do, and then two years later with the final name of Tae Kwon Do.


And now this art is spreading throughout the world, thanks to its extreme spectacularity and effectiveness, and is still one of the most practiced martial arts and followed in the world, arriving to reach its maximum target in 2000, the year in which officially becomes an Olympic sport.

Tae     means "kick" - "jump"
Kwon  means "punch" - "hit"
Do      means "the way" - "spiritual journey"

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Tae Kwon Do is the martial art par excellence dedicated to kicking. No other martial art contain kicks so spectacular and effective.
The principle of the fact TKD is the effectiveness of the blows, this is demonstrated by breaking techniques, which are an integral part of Korean TKD. The body is used as a weapon, and often thrown on the opponent, along with kicking, performing tricks really impressive that bring to the kicks big impact force. The flying kicks are the strong point of TKD.


All this, however, goes to the disadvantage of punches. There is, in fact, a single punch in TKD (target allowed the bust, only!).
The limited use of fists causes a second problem: the guard often too low. Third problem is the difficulty to fight on very short distance (not to mention, the absence of struggle, in TKD).
Tae Kwon Do is an art that can complete a martial artist, improving the kicks better than any other combat sport, but it is not complete in itself, missing too much the use of arms, grappling, and projections and joint locks.
There are also forms in TKD, basic and simple.



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