The origins of Tai Chi Chuan (Ch'uan) are unknown, and are lost in the legend. We no, however, it derives from Chinese martial arts. In fact, Tai Chi can be considered an "interior" style of Kung Fu, and also part of Chinese medicine, being Tai Chi an effective therapeutic method based on the principles of acupuncture.
Another influence on the Tai Chi was certainly exerted by Taoist esotericism (neidan) through the practice of Qi Gong and breathing.


The first historical traces of Tai Chi dates back to the thirteenth century, and refer to Chen Wangting, educated man and capable martial fighter, taught to the troops under his command a fighting style in which he gave importance to the relaxation, breathing, associated with movements.
From here, Tai Chi was developed for centuries, rising to a high number of different styles, and gradually losing the martial aspect, and increasing the therapeutic aspect.


Today Tai Chi is one of the most practiced martial arts in the world thanks to its undeniable benefits on physical and mental health of the practitioners.

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Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art that is practiced mainly by forms. The movements that are performed, the slowness of these movements, attention focused on your movement, balance, breath, make a great mental and physical exercise. Capable of reinforcing a body, release tension, according to Oriental medicine balance the Yin and Yang, eliminates stress, and much more. It 's impossible to make a list of the qualities that are attributed to this discipline, which can be considered a bit like a Yoga in motion.


In Tai Chi, have great importance breathing exercises and energy storage, according to the principles of Qi Gong. Are also used some classical Chinese weapons such as the sword and the spear. The forms remain the main way to practice Tai Chi, but there are also exercises to perform with a partner.


Agonistically, there are competitions of forms, and there is a strange discipline based on unbalancing the opponent, with thrusts, making him move his feet (push hands). Is a sophisticated martial art, in which the principles of Tai Chi return to be practical for combat.


Weapons: The practice of Tai Chi Chuan bare hands is also integrated by the use of Sabre, Sword & Spear.


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