The Vietnamese martial art is 4000 years old. There are, in fact, graffiti and depictions of basic techniques of fighting from that period.
In the first centuries AD, the Vietnamese are fighting with the Chinese, and refine their martial art as army training. it also creates the theoretical basis of fighting.


Between 1000 and 1500, during the independence of Vietnam, the Vietnamese fighting art serves as a unifying element of the people, and become a true philosophy of life.


Decays over time, especially due to the domination suffered by the Vietnamese, and reborns in the early 1940s thanks to Master Nguyen Loc, which encodes the art and techniques under the name Vo Viet Nam. That becomes, then, officially: Vovinam Viet Vo Dao.
The Master Phan Hoag, his disciple and successor, in the 60s, runs the China and the West to study other martial arts, and founded the International Federation of Viet Vo Dao.

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The Viet Vo Dao is, after all, quite similar to Kung Fu; some styles, at least. As a martial art, is immediate and effective, made for a real fight. The agonistic version also resembles to the Chinese Sanda, with protections, possibility of strokes and fight standing.


Weapons: The practice of Viet vo dao bare hands is also integrated by the use of certain weapons: the halberd, sword, saber, and sticks.


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