The earliest known mention of Wing Chun dates to the period of Red Boat Opera.
The legend involves the young woman Yim Wing-chun, after the destruction by the Qing government of the Southern Shaolin and its associated temples she knows a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui, who was one of the Shaolin Sect survivors, and asked the nun to teach her to fight.


In reality, five Shaolin Grand Masters that escaped from the attack at Shaolin temple created Wing Chun system, as a new fighting style that would dominate other fighting arts The five Masters were Fung To Tak, Abbot Pak Mei, Abbot Chi Shin, Master Miu Hin and Buddhist nun Ng Moi.
Important for the development of this art was, then, the Master of Wing Chun sytem, Yip Man. Which simplified the system, and developed the current Wing Chun. (Yip Man was master of Bruce Lee)

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Legend has it that it was created by a nun escaped from the destruction of the Shaolin Monastery. It is, in fact, an essential style and scientific, that does not require great physical strength, but especially dexterity, reflexes and much training. Technically it is based on short shots and linear, so useful to the short distance with bare hands. The concatenation of continuous shots, as a defense, as a diversion, such as attack, that hit the opponent in search of an entry for the decisive blow, combined with certain principles like the softness on attacks, and the continuous contact with the opponent as to prevent the attacks, make this style of fighting an art truly original and effective in unarmed combat.


Chi Sao, or “sticking hands”, is used for the development of automatic reflexes upon contact and the idea of “sticking” to the opponent.


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