The self-defense courses for women are very common. Are based on techniques drawn from martial arts, and the defense systems of law enforcement personnel, and the army, such as krav maga and Sambo.
They are characterized by techniques that do not require special physical skills, such as strength, or agility. Their effectiveness is based on hitting weak points of the human body, which does not require particular strength.
But, above all, are based on the reaction speed (in opposition to a passive attitude, typical of victims of aggression). In short, to hurt someone is easy, it needs just the presence of mind and a minimum of training.
Martial arts and combat sports are obviously very useful.


Hitting the eyes, neck (carotid), genitals, kick a knee. But also, throwing techniques, joint locks, chokes.
Strategies, such as hit and run. Ask a question, also absurd, before acting (slows the physical reaction of the opponent). There are many techniques and strategies that can be helpful, but without a real practice under stress and danger, serves little, because our emotional responses influence the game. Practicing combat sports and do sparring is the best training for learning to control emotions under pressure. Doing sparring, even little, also much controlled, with full face helmets, is always a window on reality, that should not be missed.


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