The HEMA is also known as Historical European martial arts, or WMA - Western Martial Arts - Traditional fencing, fencing ancient or historical fencing. Is a martial art inspired by the fighting techniques of the medieval period, and uses the armor and weapons of that era. Referring to martial arts that developed in the European continent and codified in specific treaties. The first text is in the beginning of sec. XIV, the Walpurgis Fechtbuch, better known as Manuscript I.33 (see videobook). In the late Middle Ages in Germanic and Italic areas appear later several other treaties.


These martial arts naturally fall into disuse over time, with the arrival of new firearms. The first to discover the HEMA were British soldiers in the 800. Thanks to pioneers such as Captain Alfred Hutton, author of the fundamental text "Old Swordplay" (1892). Carl Thimm, Egerton Castle, Sir Richard Burton, and many others.


Today many leagues are widespread and many schools are bourn, especially in the north / eastern Europe, but there are also in the rest of the world. There are many full-contact tournaments, with specific rules, for the respective arms. The main: Swordfish, and Battle of the nations for Buhurt.


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Obviously it is a martial art based mainly on the use of weapons. Long sword with 2 hands, sword and shield, sword and dagger, rapier, bats and various axes, etc. The different circuits represent different possibilities to practice this martial art. They range from dexterity fighting with sports protections (eg. Fencing helmets) based on score, similar to the classic fencing we know. Such as Swordfish and Longpoint circuits. Until to the real fight with armor, based more on strength. Fought 1 VS 1, but also 5 VS 5, 10 VS 10 and over. See the circuits IMCF, BoN, and Béhourd.
Finally there is the HEMA SCA. Duel and real battles fought with rubber weapons or other soft materials. Where a complex mechanism of rules and scores establish the results of the clashes. All in complete safety.


There is also a type of wrestling, directed to close combat in battle. As often happens to finish after the first shots with weapons - even more in the team's challenges.
At the highest levels of passion, armor, and often its construction, becomes important (obviously for a armored warrior).
Interesting is the importance attributed to the historical / choreographic elements. Armor and weapons must be aesthetically beautiful and consistent with the historical period they want to represent.


Another curious element is the historical reconstructions of famous battles. Sometimes only choreographed parades and mock battles (reenactment), sometimes full contact.


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