The name Kyusho Jitsu was given by Hohan Soken (1889 – 1982)
Kyusho Jitsu is the modern version of the Chinese Dim Mak which originates in the 13the century and is part of the Qin na.
Modern Kyusho Jitsu was founded by George A. Dillman, he met Hohen Soken (1972) and Seiyu Oyata (1980) from Okinawa, who involved him in studying Kyusho Jitsu.


Eliminated the legend, the myth, and magic, just like the Dim Mak of Qinna, the Kyusho Jitsu is the study of the main nerve points of the human body, and weaknesses in general. And how they work and how to hit them for damages.
The solar plexus is the example that most of the martial arts practitioners can understand. A blow to the stomach hurts, but to the solar plexus hurts much more, inhibits the breath and knocks.

Martial arts, such as Dim mak, and in general the study of the Vital points, can be considered a supplement to the other martial arts. Learn exactly where to hit to do more damages, or press a point of the body of an opponent to cause him pain only with a finger.
Is useful, for example, in the close and ground fight, for exsample if immobilized, victims of a lever, or a choke. In these situations, you have a chance to grab the nerves and press the weak points of your opponent and force him to let go, or worse.


In Kyusho Jitsu you deepen the study of the nervous system and the energy system (according to the Chinese theory of ki and the 5 elements).
For health and medical benefits. To restore practitioners from blows received in training that can put them temporarily out of order. (the shots in the neck, for example, can give a strong shock and fainting, or the continuous blows to the radial nerve).



Hitting vital points, sensitive points. Such as the eyes, throat, nose, chin, solar plexus, testicles, knees, or joints in general. Has always been considered normal, if it is a matter of life or death.
Obviously, agonistic battle has eliminated these techniques. Present in all the ancient styles, still visible in many forms, and blows with unconventional parts of hands, like fingers.


Depth studies, for example in disciplines such as Dim mak of Qinna, and then the kyusho jitsu in modern times, have been identified numerous points of the most sensitive human body.
All major nerve areas (the concept of the point is often wrong, best to consider areas), but not only, are potential weaknesses of our opponent.

They may cause damage of various kinds and intensity. They can, if grasped or pushed, force your opponent to move quickly in the direction we wanted, for example, simply with the pain that we cause by pressing on a nerve.


Obviously to know a sensitive point is one thing, to hit or grab it during a fight or combat is something else. Therefore, it is essential to integrate the learning of vital points with martial arts. Such as Wing Chun, the kraw Maga, the kung fu, or karate in case of kyusho jitsu.

Obviously they are not techniques from competition use. But in mma, for example, knowing where to press a nerve of an opponent in mounts, perhaps "inadvertently", could free you quickly from opponent. With very little physical effort.


These are techniques that can be useful in case of self-defense, especially women's self defense. They can turn a potential victim in a dangerous opponent.


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